Create A Website

Creating a website for your blog is easy if you follow these steps.

Register a domain name that will fit your website. (Try to find a .com)

Find a Hosting Service that is right for you. (You don’t need anything fancy just look for cheap and reliable)

Download a WordPress template or create your own site. ( I recommend using WordPress themes or a custom site like SMThemes)

I personally use THCServers to host my sites. They take care of your domain and hosting for a very low rate. If you use my link you will get a discounted rate.

If you choose THCServers these are the steps to get started:

Log In To CPanel (User/Pass will be sent in an email titled “New Account Information”)

Find the Software Section and click on “Softaculous Apps Installer”

Click WordPress and Install

After your installation is complete you will receive the address and login info for your WordPress dashboard. From here you can customize appearance, pages, posts, and everything else in your blog.

Also before you close CPanel you can set up a custom email address for your new domain. Go to the CPanel email section and click on “Email Accounts”

Good Luck and have fun!