About Me

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I started Phaseblade in early May 2017. I don’t have a very exciting tale to tell here like most blogs I’ve seen so I will try to keep it short and sweet.

I went to school at Stark State College for mobile application design and moved to Cleveland shortly after graduating with my fiancée. I am currently working 40-50 hour weeks and try to post nightly and on the weekends. I am mostly interested in making helpful guides for MMOs and trying out new games every once in a while.

I love feedback so feel free to message me through my contact page or by email at “Jeremy@Phaseblade.com”. I am always looking for ways to improve my site and any tips are greatly appreciated!

I am trying to work on my presentation and formatting of my articles after receiving helpful advice from a reader pointing out the importance of lists and headers. I am also working with a friend to improve site appearance.

Thanks for visiting!