Toki Tori: Strategize, Use Abilities, Collect Eggs

Toki Tori: Strategize, Use Abilities, Collect Eggs

Toki Tori is a fun platforming puzzle game where you are a bird searching for eggs. These eggs must be collected in a strategic order in able to complete the mission and move on to the next one. The game has over eighty levels to complete on five different worlds. The game might look like a kids game but later in the game there are some in depth levels. Toki Tori 2+ has been recently released and would recommend trying to find a deal on it before this game.

Toki Tori Main Menu

Toki Tori Options

This game has a cool feature called Level Editor that lets you edit your own missions. The game comes with a built in editor that opens up in a separate window. It also gives you a Profiles tab so you and your family can compete.

Toki Tori World Select

As stated earlier the game has five worlds with over eighty levels to complete. Once you reach the Test Lab you will need to make use of everything you’ve learned up to that point.

Toki Tori Mission Select

Every world has 3 types of missions which are unlocked as you progress. After completing the normal missions you are given the option to move onto the hard missions. If you get stuck on a hard mission you can continue to the next worlds normal missions.

Toki Tori Gameplay

Toki Tori Ready

Toki Tori Abilities

Before starting a mission you can take a look around and see where the eggs are that you need to get. You can also see what abilities you will be given to complete the mission. The most important part of the level happens before you start.

Toki Tori Teleport

Toki Tori Bridge

Toki Tori Gun

You will have up to six different abilities on any one mission. These abilities include things like teleporting, creating paths, shooting enemies, creating boxes, and many more. These abilities will all be used at different times to solve different puzzles in the correct order.

I hope you give Toki Tori a try or check out Toki Tori 2+ which is an even more polished game.

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