Stardew Valley: Make Friends And Become A Farming Tycoon

Stardew Valley: Make Friends And Become A Farming Tycoon

Stardew Valley is a fun game with a beautiful story and characters. In the game you inherit your grandpas farm and tools and use them to start an amazing life. The game is single player but in early 2018 there is a planned release for multiplayer.

The customization in the game is amazing for being an indie game with thousands of combinations. You are also given a lot of replay value with five different starting farms to choose from.

In Stardew Valley you inherit your grandpas farm after he passes away. At first you go on with your life but after returning to work you have a change of heart.

You decide to catch the first bus to Stardew Valley and arrive at your new farm. You are greeted by the mayor who asks you to meet everyone when you get a chance. The first day you can do a large number of things. I personally clear some land to start a farm as quick as I can.

Different seeds take different amounts of time to grow. The parsnip seeds I planted mature in 4 days and sell for some decent money. I personally would recommend putting all of your money into seeds until spring is over. To get more seed you can taker the road into town and visit Pierre’s Shop.

At the shop you can buy a large selection of seeds that can grow anything from food to flowers to trees. Each seed will give you a description including the time of year to plant and how long it takes to grow.

Also in front of Pierre’s Shop there is a board that includes Birthdays, Events, and Help Wanted posters. Going to these events or completing tasks can help you make friends and receive rewards.

What Else Can You Do

There are a lot of cool mechanics to this game like receiving mail, selling objects using a trunk, and going fishing in your spare time. This game has many ways to make money from taking the bus mining to raising cattle on your farm.

A lot of places in town are only open at certain times on certain days of the week. Once you get started you will want to plan when you will go to town and when you will work.

Once the money starts flowing in from crops and other harvested goods you can buy cattle. After getting your Coop you can buy chickens to sell eggs.

You will do a lot of harvesting in Stardew Valley and create a beautiful farm over time. There is no rush though and I recommend actually reading each characters story when they talk to you. You will find the game has a lot of hearty warming moments and will bring you more enjoyment.

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