Vanilla Wow: Which Faction should you choose?

Vanilla Wow: Which Faction should you choose?

The first step to Vanilla Wow after downloading the game is to choose your faction. This can be a difficult decision to make for a lot of us, especially those new to the game. Both the Horde and Alliance have there advantages and disadvantages that make it difficult to choose. I would personally recommend playing a character of both factions to at least level 20 before making your choice. However there are a few questions that you can answer to decide where you would best fit.

The first and most obvious question would be to ask your friends or guildmates what they play. When I first started playing WoW my cousin played a night elf so I played Alliance. Later on in high school most of my friends were Horde so I switched my realm and faction.

The next thing you can ask yourself is which characters and locations you like the look of. There is a lot more to the game then aesthetics, however liking your characters appearance is important. Lets take a look at some starting locations and the races that start there.

Races and Zones

Let’s start with the Humans who spawn into the Northshire Valley near the bottom of the Eastern Kingdoms. This area is surrounded by forests and rivers.

Vanilla Wow Human

Vanilla Wow human spawn

The Gnomes and Dwarfs are placed in the Coldridge Valley in which is near the center of the Eastern Kingdoms. This zone and many around it are blanketed in snow.

Vanilla Wow dwarf

Vanilla Wow gnome

Vanilla Wow dwarf spawn

The Night Elves Spawn into Shadowglem which is on an island on the North Coast of Kalimdor. This location is by far my favorite starting zone.

Vanilla Wow night elf

Vanilla Wow night elf spawn

On the Horde side the Undead spawn into Deathknell which is found in the Northern reaches of the Eastern Kingdoms. This area seems like a nice forested zone but it is all tainted with darkness and rot.

Vanilla Wow undead

Vanilla Wow undead spawn

The Orcs and Trolls begin in the Valley of Trials. This location is found on the eastern side of Kalimdor and is mostly desert.

Vanilla Wow orc

Vanilla Wow troll

Vanilla Wow troll spawn

The Tauren spawn at the Red Cloud Mesa which is in the heart of Kalimdor. Like the Night Elves the Tauren live with nature.

Vanilla Wow tauren

Vanilla Wow tauren spawn

There are a few other factors that might effect your faction choice such as lore, racials, questlines, and more.

For in-depth history and lore of each faction click here.

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