Easiest Way To Make A Sugar Cane Piston Farm

Easiest Way To Make A Sugar Cane Piston Farm

The Sugar Cane Piston Farm has been a very frequently created building. You need sugarcane to make paper which is needed for books. I would recommend starting this farm as soon as you can to have enough paper to start enchants. Lets get started by creating the base of the building. The building needs to be 11-12 blocks long to fit all of your pistons and have the water flow all 8 blocks into your hoppers. The width can be one smaller then mine at 9 blocks wide but I would rather have a 2 block river instead of a 1.

Sugar Cane Piston Farm base

Working With Pistons

The next step is to place all 16 pistons facing inward toward where we will plant out sugarcane. Make sure you put them one level off the ground so you don’t break off the bottom most sugarcane.

Sugar Cane Piston Farm piston

Now we can start placing our red stone to make it work. You will want to start with a red stone torch and a lever to activate and deactivate the power flow. Try and copy what I did and use a L shape every other piston. The red stone on the ground is connected to the pistons as you can see below.

Sugar Cane Piston Farm redstone

Sugar Cane Piston Farm switch

A problem you run into when working with red stone is running out of power later in the circuit. Well you can fix this by adding a red stone repeater between the two sides and opening it all the way.

Sugar Cane Piston Farm repeater

After you create and add the repeater you will want to mirror the other side of your design. At this point all the pistons should be fully extended and you can test your lever to be sure it works.

Sugar Cane Piston Farm

Now you just need to grab an axe and cut up some of your ground to replace with dirt, water, and hoppers as shown below. It is important that you used 8 pistons because the water flows 8 blocks naturally into your hoppers.

Sugar Cane Piston Farm working

Now that your sugar cane piston farm is complete check out other helpful Minecraft machines.

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