6 Minecraft Servers To Add To Your Client

6 Minecraft Servers To Add To Your Client

So there are a lot of Minecraft servers to add out there that have thousands of people playing on them at any one time. I personally enjoy smaller servers but I will include a few of the larger ones that are exceptional in different areas. I am a big fan of skyblock, prison, and vanilla servers but I have included the best servers for mini games, factions, and others. My favorite server is the one I host for me and close friends to join. If you would like to learn how to host your own server for free click here.

1. HYPixel – mc.hypixel.net

This server has 20 different mini games and 100+ players on all of them. I personally enjoy zombies, sky wars, and Walls. There most popular game with 10k+ players is Bed Wars which can be played 4v4v4v4, 3v3v3v3, duos, or single player. The game is pretty fun and consists of unlocking upgrades and items to defeat opposing teams. If you enjoy playing mini games every now and then this server has a lot of people to play with and I would add it to your list. Minecraft Servers To Add hypixelMinecraft Servers To Add hypixel teamMinecraft Servers To Add hypixel battle

2. MinePlex – us.mineplex.com

This server is a lot like HYPixel as it is also a mini game server. This server isn’t as populated but I think it is a lot better because it has a random mini game mode which switches on its own. I would certainly have this server added.Minecraft Servers To Add mineplexMinecraft Servers To Add mineplex battle

3. Pokefind – play.pokefind.co

This server is a lot of fun and very enjoyable if you like Pokemon. The game runs off of a resource pack which is installed and runs very well. I recommend giving this server a shot.Minecraft Servers To Add pokefindMinecraft Servers To Add pokemonMinecraft Servers To Add pokemon choose

4. GTM(Grand Theft Minecart) – mc-gtm.net

This server uses a resource pack to add phones, guns, clothes, cars, bikes, helicopters, grenades, and much more. The server has a warzone you can enter which has hidden resupply containers all over the place. The containers have food, guns, grenades and other items inside them. You want to get the big guns and kill for money. I would try this server out.Minecraft Servers To Add GTMMinecraft Servers To Add grand theft minecart

5. Lucky Prison – play.luckyprison.com

This is a prison server that I played a while back. There are better servers but this one is always populated and it has a fun atmosphere with achievable rankings. Minecraft Servers To Add luckyprisonMinecraft Servers To Add lucky block

6. 2B2T – 2b2t.org:25565

The dumbest server in Minecraft and my favorite server would have to be 2B2T which is a vanilla server that lives by no rules, no admins, survival only. This would probably scare off most people but this is my favorite type of Minecraft. Sadly the server is full most of the time and you will have to wait in q for a few minutes. Thye two main problems is with no admins all the trees are normally gone and everyone uses xray/speed hacks. If you are crazy enough give it a shot this is one of my top Minecraft servers to add.
Minecraft Servers To Add 2b2tMinecraft Servers To Add 2b2t chaos

What are your top Minecraft servers to add onto the list? Let me know in the comments!

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