13 Most Popular Minecraft Skins

13 Most Popular Minecraft Skins

There are a lot of really cool Minecraft skins out there but some have been popular from the start. I have found these skins at the top of the charts on 7 or 8 different websites dedicated to Minecraft skins. I have seen most of them across the Minecraft universe. This list is in no specific order because I took the skins all from different sites. I have included the skins underneath the images if you want to use one. If your unsure how to use the skin image I have a guide here.

Top 13 Skins

  1. Creeper – This skin can be pretty scary if you see it approaching you with no gear. This is a lot of fun to use if you have some TNT on you.Minecraft Skins creeperMinecraft Skins creeper skin
  2. DeadMau5 – DeadMau5 uses this skin when he plays Minecraft. This skin gains giant mouse ears when DeadMau5 equips it with his username.Minecraft Skins deadmau5Minecraft Skins deadmau5 skin
  3. Dinogirl – There are a lot of awesome DinoGirl/Cool Hair Girl skins out there but I have seen this one much more then other.Minecraft Skins dinoMinecraft Skins dino skin
  4. Finn – Finn the Human is from a popular tv show called Adventure Time.Minecraft Skins finnMinecraft Skins finn skin
  5. Herobrine – Herobrine is a character found in a Creepypasta you can read here. I highly recommend giving it a read, it is only 4 or 5 paragraphs long.Minecraft Skins herobrineMinecraft Skins herobrine skin
  6. IronMan – IronMan is a member of the Avengers which are super heroes from the Marvel Universe.Minecraft Skins ironmanMinecraft Skins ironman skin
  7. Link – Link is the hero from the popular Zelda franchise.Minecraft Skins linkMinecraft Skins link skin
  8. Mario – Everyone knows Mario which is why you see him everywhere.Minecraft Skins marioMinecraft Skins mario skin
  9. Master Chief – Master Chief is from the popular video game franchise Halo.Minecraft Skins masterchiefMinecraft Skins masterchief skin
  10. Notch – Notch is the creator of Minecraft and this is the original skin he used to rock. His updated skins are also very cool.Minecraft Skins notchMinecraft Skins notch skin
  11. Stormtrooper – Stormtroopers are the brainless bad guys in Star Wars that die from a single blaster shot.Minecraft Skins stormtrooperMinecraft Skins stormtrooper skin
  12. Trollface Guy – The vast majority of those using this skin are trying to get TNT and blow up your base. If you see him sneaking around your base get your sword ready.Minecraft Skins trollfaceMinecraft Skins trollface skin
  13. Yoshi – I doubt Yoshi is popular enough to be on this list but I personally love this little guy. Minecraft Skins yoshiMinecraft Skins yoshi skin

Other Stuff

If you have any more great skin recommendations please post them in the comments, I am always looking for cool skins. Once you pick one of these Minecraft skins you might want to check out how to start a server, awesome servers, best seeds, or one of many other guides found here.

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