Scams To Avoid In OSRS

Scams To Avoid In OSRS

Throughout the life of OSRS scams have been designed and mastered to trick you. There have been hundreds of scams and hundreds of updates to try and counter them. Scamming is still a large part of the game and anyone who has ever visited Varrocks Grand Exchange knows. Some of these scams have been made obsolete but others still happen today.

Every scam has a few elements that are good to look out for. Take a look at the scammers combat and total levels using OSBuddy. If the scammer has low stats don’t trust them. However sometimes scammers will use hacked accounts with high levels so be careful. Another thing to remember is scammers almost always have two or three friends helping. If you see someone yelling “THANK YOU FOR THE 2 MILLION GOLD” they are probably in on the scam. Now let’s take a look at some scams.


Trust Game

The trust game was started by going to the bank in Varrock and having five to ten people follow you for a Trust Game. The premise of this game was whoever trusted the scammer with the most gold. The scammer promised to double their money or give them a large amount for winning the game. The 10 people would all trade the scammer gold and the scammer would trade them back the gold. He would then announce how much each player traded out loud. People would see the newest announcement and trade a larger amount of gold to the scammer. At a certain point the scammer would receive a large sum such as a million gold and log out. This was a very popular scam and still occurs from time to time.

Double Money or Items

This scam still happens a lot today near the grand exchange and has been happening for a long time. This scam begins with a scammer saying something along the lines of “Doubling Gold!” and will receive trades from people who are pretty sure it’s a scam. The part of this scam that tricks people is that the scammer will actually double small amounts if he thinks you have more gold. If you trade the scammer 20k he will trade you back 40k. Then you will trade him 40k and he might give you 80k back. Then you might make a mistake and give him a million because you think he will double it. Good advice would be to avoid these scammers but I know people who have scammed the scammers in these situations.

Armor Trimming

I don’t see Armor Trimming much anymore but it might show up from time to time still. In this scam a member will tell non-members that he can trim your rune gear if you give him gold bars and your armor. The member will then proceed to take your gear and your gold bars and ignore you. This scam has become a meme over the years and you may be asked if you want your armor trimmed in other mmo’s as well.

Drop Party

I know drop parties aren’t always scams but the vast majority of them are scams. This scam will begin with a scammer shouting “100MIL DROP PARTY” or something along those lines. After he gets 20 people following him he would show a few people all of the items he has with him. These would supposedly add up to the amount previously stated. What you don’t know is the scammer has a few friends in the bunch.

His friends will then start asking him if he will double their money before the drop party. The scammer then says something along the lines of “I don’t double money” but caves in after his friends ask him enough. They will then spam stuff like “OMG HE DOUBLED MY MILLION!” and “THANK YOU SO MUCH!”. This will then lead to the people who aren’t in the Skype call to try it out. The drop party ends up never happening most of the time.


This scam started out a long time ago and doesn’t work anymore but it did work for a long time. The scammer in this scenario would be sitting in Varrock bank or at Lumbridge fountain and simply say “OMG! Jagex blocks your password in chat! That is Awesome! ******”. You might think this sounds silly but it is crazy how many people said there passwords out loud. Jagex now does block your password in chat but the scam evolved to “OMG! Jagex blocks your password in chat if you type it backwards! That is Awesome! ******” which also worked for a while. However this scam fell apart when accounts started requiring emails to sign in.

Twitch Streams

This scam has come up recently and deserves more attention then Jagex gives it. Once a week there is a stream titled “OSRS is shutting down” or something along these lines. It is being hosted by an account which looks like its a Jagex Moderator and is viewbotted to 3-5k viewers. The video playing will be from the Q&A they had earlier that week. During the Q&As the developers are sitting around the couch talking about the game. The chat will be in moderator only mode and the moderator will be spamming “TO LEARN MORE GO TO THE SITE!”. The url will look alot like Runescape and the site will look exactly like Runescape. What you are missing is the url will actually be spelled something like Runescepe. Every time one of these streams happens hundred of people lose their accounts.

All the scammer has to do is get a copy of the sites design and re upload it to their URL. The only step left is to send the text fields for username and password to a database for later use. Phishing like this is done in many forms like using popular streamer Boaty as the account name.  They make a fake account named B0aty and view bot it to 5k viewers. They will then take an old Boaty’s video and play it. All that’s left is too post links in the comments for a giveaway on the same same fake sites.

There are plenty more OSRS scams and it is important to learn about them and be skeptical of them. There are very few people who genuinely want to help you but they are out there so keep looking for them!

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