Old School Runescape: Level Up, Get Rich, Buy GF

Old School Runescape: Level Up, Get Rich, Buy GF

Getting Started

Most of us have memories of the first time we played Runescape. I remember a few kids in art class talked me into playing. We ended up becoming friends because of it. Old School Runescape is a very chill and relaxing type of game for most people. However it can get pretty intense when it comes to player vs player combat or dueling. The game has changed a lot since I was a kid but it still has the same feel to it. If you are new to Runescape I would recommend playing a free account and upgrading yourself to a members account if you enjoy it. To play you will need to make an account and download the client. I would recommend downloading OSBuddy which is an alternative client that runs the game and includes useful features like timers, prices, world swapping, and much more.

*Before we continue I would like to make a disclaimer this is Old School Runescape and not the current version*

After you create your account you will be asked to customize your new character and go through tutorial island.

Old School Runescape character creation

Once you complete the tutorial you will spawn into Lumbridge and the world is yours. You will have two major decisions to make early on in the game. Your first decision will be which combat class you would like to train. In Runescape you are given a choice between magic, ranged, and melee combat. The next decision to be made is how do you plan on making money to fund your combat.


Old School Runescape combat level

On my character I have 20 attack(sword icon) which I use to wield a Mithril scimitar. I am currently leveling up my strength(fist icon) which increases my damage. My defense(shield icon) is only level 5 which allows me to wear steel gear. I have 32 hit points(heart icon) which is how much damage you can take before you are killed. I have no ranged, magic, or prayer levels on my character to keep my combat level low.

Old School Runescape gear

How It Works

This tab shows you your current equipped gear. If you click the helm and shield icon you will see your statistics. I gain +10 melee strength from wearing a strength amulet and gain +20 melee strength from using a mithril scimitar. My armor will increase my defense while fighting other melee and ranged opponents. However my armor gives me negative defense when facing magic. The icon with the bag and a skull symbol shows you what you will lose if you die. Unless you are skulled for pvp you will lose everything except your three most expensive items.Old School Runescape slash

Melee characters will be given 4 options in combat. Each of the options will level up a different statistic or group of statistics. You will want to be careful when leveling up to choose the statistic you need and not to level more then needed.

This screen also shows my combat level which is very important in combat. When you are fighting other players in the wilderness they will see your combat level and that will decide if they can attack you or not. If you enter the wilderness you will see wilderness levels which begins at level 1 and continues to 56. At wilderness level 1 I can attack anyone between 28-30. At wilderness level 26 I can kill a level 3 player but I can get killed by a level 55 player.

Old School Runescape spells

Old School Runescape prayer

Spells and Prayer

These two menus would show your spells and prayers which I don’t have. They would raise my combat level so I do not train them. The level one prayer is called thick skin and gives a defense boost. Even if you don’t level your prayer the 15 seconds of enhanced defense might save you in a fight. Your level one magic skill is a teleport to Lumbridge. This spell is known by everyone in game so you can use it to meet up with friends.

Your other major decision to make in Old School Runescape is your profession. Most of us lose more money in pvp then we make. Unless you are unable to die a back up profession is useful to have.


Old School Runescape professions

There are 7 professions you can level as a non-member in Old School Runescape. These include…


This is a useful profession if you are using a lot of runes. As a melee character I use no runes and this profession is not very useful.

Mining & Smithing

I leveled my mining up to level 30 because I use steel armor. To smith a steel bar you need to mine coal and iron ore. Iron ore only takes 15 mining but coal takes 30 mining. As I mentioned before in order to smith a steel bar you need coal and iron. I am at level 30 in smithing to create steel bars but I am not high enough level yet to create gear with the bars. To create full steel gear you need to reach 48 smithing.

Fishing & Cooking

I leveled my Fishing up to 30 because I like to bring Salmon into the wild with me when I fight. A Salmon heals for 9 hit points so it isn’t the ideal food but it helps. The ideal food would be swordfish at 50 fishing. My cooking is high enough to cook my salmon and tuna when I level my fishing enough to catch them.

Woodcutting & Firemaking

Woodcutting and Firemaking go hand in hand just like fishing and cooking might. If you are not a member you can only cut up to yew logs which can fetch some great profits. You can level up fire making side by side with woodcutting. The wood doesn’t sell for much till you are high level. Instead of banking and selling I recommend starting some fires and gain some overall experience. I have an in-depth guide on how to level Woodcutting and Firemaking here.


Old School Runescape questing Another large part of Runescape is going on quests. I haven’t done many of the quests because they give you large amounts of experience. Getting experience in combat skills like magic or prayer is not useful for me. I have done the quests on another account and would recommend doing them if your not interested in min/maxing.

I have written a few articles that will help you out if you plan on trying the game. The most important article to read is Scams To Avoid in Old School Runescape. This article can save you from losing all of your money and gear and couldn’t recommend it enough.

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