How To Use Diablo 2 Chat Commands

How To Use Diablo 2 Chat Commands

If you have ever leveled up or played with someone on Diablo 2 you know there’s a chance you may never find them again. With Diablo 2 Chat Commands you can add those players by their account name to your friends list. You can then see when they come back online no matter which character they’re playing. This is significantly more helpful in hardcore where your buddy could die at any moment and you will never see him again.

Diablo 2 Chat Commands

The first feature we will take a look at is the /whois feature. This command lets you get a player account name without asking them for it. This is useful because some people will scam or trick you on one character and switch to another. By adding the account you can successfully avoid that person and publicly shun them.

Diablo 2 Chat Commands whois

Once you get the players account name you can add them to your friends list with the /f add command. To add someone to your friends list you only need their characters name.

Diablo 2 Chat Commands add

To view your friends list and see what everyone is up too you can type /f list. I use this command every time I get on to see what everyone is up too.

Diablo 2 Chat Commands list

Then to whisper your friends you can type /whisper *account followed by your message. As you can see in the picture you need to use an asterisk or the command will not work.

Diablo 2 Chat Commands whisper

Another great command to remember when you want to roll solo is the do not disturb mode or /dnd. This is useful when you are afk or doing things like grinding countess for runes. The only time I go into do not disturb is when i am soloing Uber Tristram on my smiter pally.

Diablo 2 Chat Commands dnd

I hope you start using your Diablo 2 chat commands to improve your in game experience. If you would like to learn how to block spam in game click here! If you want to run your game in windowed mode check the post out here.

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