How To Use The Diablo 2 Spam Filter

How To Use The Diablo 2 Spam Filter

Diablo 2 has been overrun with spam bots and blizzard doesn’t even try to ban them anymore. They have a system in place to time out bots that join too many games to rapidly but most bots avoid this system. There is no way to avoid the bots unless you make private games and even then you will get whispers. A lot of people don’t know about the Diablo 2 Spam Filter options so here is how they work.

Lets Get Started

You will first want to find your Diablo 2 LOD icon on your desktop and right click it. It will bring up this menu and you will want to left click “Open File Location”

Diablo 2 Spam Filter Open

Once here you will want to find your ignore list and double click it. (If there is no ignore list you will want to open notepad and save a blank file to this directory as “ignorelist”)

Diablo 2 Spam Filter ignorelist

You will then want to open the list with notepad.

Diablo 2 Spam Filter notepad

For a list to copy and paste into your notepad click here or google “Diablo 2 Spam Filter List” to find a more recent list.

Diablo 2 Spam Filter

After you copy paste a list into your file make sure to save and open Diablo 2. Once in game you will want to type /ignorepersist into chat to make sure your filter is enabled

Diablo 2 Spam Filter persist

You may still see some spam on because some botters are actively trying to get past our filters. But as long as you keep your ignore list updated every few months you should be able to play without any wall of text blocking your view. Fight the good fight and your deeds of valor will be remembered brave warrior.

If you would like to learn how to put your game in windowed mode like I have click here. Also if you would like to learn to use commands like your friends list click here.

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