80 Days: A Costly Trip Around The World

80 Days is an interesting game where the objective is to travel around the world in 80 days. You will love the artwork and the characters have great dialogue.

80 Days

80 Days focuses on a gentlemen named Phileas Fogg who has made a large bet. He claimed that he could make it around the world in under 80 days. He is joined on his journey by his valet who is is documenting his journey and balancing his health.

80 Days london

80 Days day 1

Your 80 Days start now

The game begins on a Tuesday morning in London. You will start with $4,000 and a choice of where to travel next. There are a few interesting things that stick out from the start of the game. The first thing you notice is that the time under Day 1 doesn’t stop moving while you are playing. As a new player I had to read a lot of dialogue and tips while starting. By the time I decided on where I would go next my first day was almost over.

80 Days amphitrite express

I decided my first trip would be from London to Paris so I packed my suitcase and headed off. There are a few things you need to worry about in this game. The first concern is the need to carry suitcases for trade items and personal use. Having too many suitcases can be a problem on certain forms of transportation. You will also need to keep an eye on your health while you travel around the world. You start with 100 health but it will quickly deteriorate if you choose cheap transportation.

80 Days dialogue

Plan ahead!

The dialogue in this game is my favorite part and your choices of interaction really matter. You will have a lot of fun interactions where you can try to save money. You will also have interactions where you are put into moral dilemmas. Much of the dialogue seems to repeat from play through to play through but there are some changes. There is a small chance that your train will be robbed or you will have a mutineer on a boat. These events can cause you quite the hardships along the way.

80 Days travel

80 Days suitcase

The biggest part of this game is planning a route and trying your best to stick to it. You will have to choose between your money, health, or suitcases in order to be a success. Choose a route where you can attempt to make it through with one suitcase and cheap transportation. You may also want to carry many suitcases and pay a bit more for future profits. Many of your items you find or buy will sell for a lot in certain places. If you have your trip planned well you can buy exactly what you will need down the road.

This steampunk adventure around the world is a lot of fun and is often bundled so keep an eye open.



  • 7/10
    80 Days - 7.0/10


80 Days is a steampunk themed adventure around the world based in 1872. Two gentlemen pack there bags and leave London to attempt a miraculous feet to navigate the globe. This game is difficult to beat due to unexpected delays in your travel that occur often. Having a route planned is a great idea but you might not be able to stick to it.

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