Easiest Way to Make A Mob/Experience Farm

Mob Farmers are a great way to get a lot of experience and a lot of drops. If you have been mining for diamonds on your server then you have a LOT of cobblestone in a LOT of chests. Well there are a lot of cool uses for that cobble and the experience farm is one of my favorite.

Where To Put It

Lets get started by deciding where you want it to go. I would recommend putting this farm pretty far away from your base. I do this because you don’t have to listen to zombies and skeletons make noise if they don’t spawn. What you might not realize is that creatures won’t spawn unless your within 128 blocks of them. So I would put it at least 150 blocks away from your home. This way you can spawn them only when you want to farm. I also wouldn’t build this around a trench or a large cave system so you can control your spawns.

Experience Farm stone

Getting Started

Now that we have a location chosen lets build the foundation of our tower. I recommend making a 6×6 Cobblestone square and then surrounding it with Cobblestone slabs. I then dug a 2×2 hole in the center to place your chests and hoppers in. You will then have 2 rows of cobblestone slabs on the upside of the block so spiders can’t get out.

Experience Farm base

Now that the base of the tower is complete we can start going up. Before you start climbing I highly recommend trying to score a feather falling enchant on your boots. You can get this through an enchanted book and an anvil or a lucky enchantment at the table. If you are unable to get a feather falling enchant I recommend building a pool in the center of your tower to jump into. Before you start building upward you will want to have a few items on you including buckets of water, at least a stack of torches, a pick axe, and all the cobble you can carry.

Experience Farm fall

Experience Farm start

Going Up

You will want to make the tower 22 blocks high. You do this so when mobs fall down the center they will die from a single punch. Once you reach 22 blocks high you will build the bottom of your rivers. They will be 2 blocks wide and 8 blocks long in all 4 directions. After you finish building them you will make all of the walls of the rivers 2-3 high so the zombies and skeletons can’t just hop out when they jump into the water current. After the river walls are 2-3 high you will create the 4 corners where the mobs will spawn.

Experience Farm finish

At this point you only need to create some darkness for the mobs to spawn so lets get started on the walls and roof. You will want to make the walls at least 2 blocks high so skeletons and zombies can spawn. After you enclose your experience farm you don’t want to forget the torches on top of your tower. You want the maximum amount of creatures to spawn inside the farmer and not on top. If the minions fall and die then you probably went 23 blocks high instead of 22 so you will want to raise your foundation 1 block higher. There you have it a working experience farm with

Experience Farm

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