Dino D-Day: Nazi Weaponized Dinosaurs

I got Dino D-Day in a bundle a long while back and have booted it up for a good laugh now and then. Sadly this game is a ghost town nowadays but every now and then you can find a full lobby. The game is based on the premise that the Nazis brought the dinosaurs back to life. After reviving them they weaponized them to win the war. However the Allies also weaponized dinosaurs to fight back the Nazis.

Dino D-Day menu

Dino D-Day lobby

Dino D-Day has no campaign mode and consists of just multiplayer servers and a last stand mode but requires DLC. I have heard that the DLC is not worth the 5 dollars and wouldn’t recommend buying the game for more than one dollar so it is a hard pass.

Dino D-Day loading

All of the loading screens have these cool magazine articles and other awesome propaganda on them. Also in game you will see propaganda and posters all over the walls of buildings.

Dino D-Day deathmatch

Dino D-Day team

Dino D-Day character


Once you get into a game you will be told to either select the Ally or Axis army to fight for. I personally think the Nazi dinosaurs are the funnest to play but both sides have good options if your against fighting for the Nazi army.

Dino D-Day machine gun

Dino D-Day fight

Dino D-Day bird

The game includes all kinds of awesome choices such as a dinosaur with a chain gun mounted to his back. This dinosaur has moderate health and moderate damage. The other dinosaur shown is a bird that is very quick and can spit a acidic goo onto an enemy. The dinosaurs also all have a melee attack they can use which is very useful on the small fast dinosaurs. I would recommend picking this game up in a bundle with other games. If you have some buddies who also play though then it is probably worth the ten dollar steam price tag.

  • 6.5/10
    Dino D-Day - 6.5/10


Dino D-Day is a semi-abandoned fps that came out back in 2011. In the game Nazi scientists brought dinosaurs back to life to win the war. I think the game is a lot of fun but you need friends to play with. The game is often bundled so keep your eyes on humble and bundle stars.

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