The 5 Best Minecraft Seeds To Play Alone

I personally hate when I start a game of Minecraft and spend 20 minutes searching for a village, mansion, or other man made structure. I recently started finding seeds online to use so the start wouldn’t be as slow. Here are a few of the best Minecraft seeds I’ve come across.

Mansion In Front of Spawn

In this seed there is a giant mansion filled with all kinds of goodies right by spawn. These mansions are very rare and are filled with illagers and monsters which must be cleared out. I would do a little digging for iron and coal before you enter for weapons and torches. I recommend this seed for anyone who has never seen a illager mansion or to anyone who wants a head start. If you want a in-depth guide to the mansion check here.

Seed: 2848304027357165074

World Type: Large Biomes

XYZ: 250/65/310

Best Minecraft Seeds mansion

Island Village + Lots of Diamonds To Mine + Nearby Ocean Monument

This is my favorite seed for a number of reasons. The biggest reason this is my favorite is because there is a village out on a decently sized island which seems to be quite rare. I personally like to build on to the village since the villagers breed if they have more houses. The 15 diamonds directly under the island in a patch of 8 and a patch of 7 really makes it nice. You only need 24 diamonds for a full set of armor so with a fortune pick axe this is all you will need . There really isn’t that much to get out of a ocean monument except the gold blocks but it is fun and somewhat eerie to explore. I recommend this map to pretty much anyone who is playing seeds. If you want to check out the Ocean Monument check here.

Seed: 2151361310212770970

World Type: Default

XYZ: 53/69/-267

Underwater Cavern: 182/44/-261

Mine Entrance: 165/20/-266

Ocean Monument: -400/64/-360

Best Minecraft Seeds village island

Icy Forest

There isn’t much to this seed other then being spawned into a frozen forest which i really enjoy from time to time. If you haven’t seen a ice forest biome check out this seed.

Seed: -1766999811

World Type: Default

XYZ: Spawn

Best Minecraft Seeds icy forest

Fishing Village

Not much to say about this seed either. It is simply a fishing village with long piers directly at the spawn. I recommend this to anyone who wants a fair start near a village.

Seed: -569958296

World Type:Default

XYZ: Spawn

Best Minecraft Seeds fishing village

Island Challenge

The island challenge has been around for a long time and I enjoy it as well. If you ever watched Dragon Ball Z I like to pretend I am Master Roshi out at Kami House. If you want to give it a try there are countless guides such as this one. The premise is you will try to survive on a island using only the resources at hand such as fishing for food, replanting trees, and other minimalist strategies.

Seed: 93819220

World Type: Default

XYZ: Spawn

Best Minecraft Seeds island challenge

If you think you have one of the best Minecraft seeds post it in the comments and I’ll check it out!

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