How To Change Your Minecraft Skin

If you have ever joined a Minecraft server then you have seen all kinds of skins. Well you can also change your Minecraft skin and it is completely free. I will also show you how to create your own skin if you want.

  1. The first step you will have is going to Minecraft’s website and sign in to your account. (This will use your email, not your username)Minecraft Skin site
  2. After you have signed into your account you can Use the Menu icon to open this menu. You will want to open the Profile tab.Minecraft Skin profile
  3. This will open a page where you can choose between the two default models or find your own. Now lets go get a skin.Minecraft Skin change
  4. The largest database of Minecraft skins is and is the site I would use. You can either look through there giant database or simply use the search option to find a specific skin. (Click here to see a list of my favorite skins)Minecraft Skin choose
  5. Once you find the skin you want to use you have 4 options for the skin. Minecraft Skin
    1. Your first option is “Upload to Minecraft” which will move the skin directly to your account as long as your still signed in.
    2. You may also want to “Download” the skin which you can then upload on your profile page.
    3. If you want to “Add to Wardrobe” you will need to create an account on the website.
    4. I highly recommend using the “Edit Skin” option to customize your character. The worst feeling is to join into a game and have the exact same skin as ten other people so give it a little change such as the eye or hair color.Minecraft Skin edit
  6. If you used the “Upload to Minecraft” option it should be in your profile page already. If not upload your skin and make sure it is selected.Minecraft Skin upload

Once you change your Minecraft skin you might want to check out how to start a server, awesome servers, best seeds, or one of many other guides found here.

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