Blades of Time: Open Portals, Find Treasures, Kill Monsters

Blades of Time is a story about a treasure hunter who hears about a guild with a magical orb. This magical orb has the power to teleport you to an ancient island. This island is filled with treasures just waiting to be found. As you learn this island has a lot of different items, enemies, and attacks to unlock and use over time.

Blades of Time main menu

Blades of Time has both a story mode and a fun mode called outbreak which is a multiplayer moba game. In Outbreak you choose your skills before the match starts and you destroy buildings to end the game. The downloadable content will give you another characters view along your adventure and I would recommend picking it up.

Blades of Time basics


The combat in this game is a lot of fun and really feels like a hack and slasher. However unlike a hack and slash games if you spam sword swings into mobs will die. As you progress in the game make sure you learn your skills as you unlock them.

Blades of Time compass

Blades of Time chest

Blades of Time log

A large part of this game is treasure hunting which is done by using your compass. The compass points to the nearest treasure chest which can contain an item such as the swords shown above.

Blades of Time view

Blades of Time altar

Blades of Time story

Blades of Time is beautiful and has amazing cut scenes which make a great story. I have stopped to admire the art and scenery multiple times while playing.

Blades of Time monsters

This is your journal which is a very useful tool while playing. The journal lists all enemies that you have fought and gives you some lore behind them. Other sections of the notebook contain things like your equipable items.

Blades of Time keyboard

This game was ported to the PC from the Xbox so you get clunky controls. I couldn’t find a way to change the controls but I believe the game has Steam controller support. Normally these types of games are easier to play with a Steam or Xbox controller.

I have played a lot of games that have been ported to PC from console such as The Last Remnant. This game had small problems like having a game pad as the default controller but it was easily fixable. This game has no remapping that I can find.

Overall I have really enjoyed this game and hope to finish it up soon. If you find the game 70% off or in a bundle it is worth trying out.

  • 8/10
    Blades of Time - 8/10


Blades of Time is an interesting game with a fantastic story. You are a treasure hunter who is teleported onto an ancient dragon island. The game has amazing enemies and hundreds of ways to kill them. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoyed the tomb raider games or maybe a game like Skyrim.

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