SpellForce 3: A War Between Elves, Humans, and Orcs

SpellForce 3 is currently in pre-release and has a few bugs that will be worked out over time. The game seems very polished though for where it is at in development. The game is a role playing and real time strategy hybrid which consists of mindless AI and a controllable hero. SpellForce 3 takes place in a world named Eo where Elves, Humans, and Orcs are at constant war.

SpellForce 3 Intro

In a multiplayer match you will be given maps to choose from. Currently I can play 3 different skirmish maps which are simply player vs player. When the game is released you will be able to play campaign mode which is probably player vs environment matches. You can also change your race, team, and color before the game starts.

SpellForce 3 loading


SpellForce 3 base

Once you get in game you will start with 10 workers which you can use to build structures for wood cutting, stone cutting, hunting, or fishing.

SpellForce 3 build

These structures are easily positioned with green borders that tell you where it can be placed.

SpellForce 3 resources


Your barracks will be used to create military units such as archers and fighters. As you progress through the game you will be able to unlock other units such as cavalry.

SpellForce 3 units

The units in this game can be used with your up down left right arrows or by selecting them and clicking out ahead. I personally enjoy using my arrow keys to strafe back in combat to avoid melee attacks.

SpellForce 3 fight

You will have to fight monsters to expand your base or receive treasures. These monsters can be challenging so be prepared to lose units.


SpellForce 3 godstone

The Godstone is where you pick which hero you would like to choose. In some games you can choose up to four heroes to play with at once but most games are restricted to one.

SpellForce 3 immortal guardian

I personally choose the Archmage which has area of effect attacks. I fought the immortal guardian above to receive a treasure chest and expand to another location. Expanding your empire will give you a larger population cap for your military and give you more workers to help collect needed materials. The treasure can contain gear which makes your hero more powerful. The chest can also contain gold and other resources which will be very useful for buying different things.

SpellForce 3 outpost

SpellForce 3 battlemage

Late Game

As you can see your hero has an inventory which will hold potions for health and mana by default. Your hero will also have basic gear but no amulet which was found after killing the immortal guardian. You are also given attribute points after every level which can be used to increase your characters stats.

SpellForce 3 skills

Alongside your stats you also unlock skills which can be spent in a skill tree such as the one above. You can have multiple skills or superpower a single skill with 3 points.

SpellForce 3 destroy

SpellForce 3 combat

The combat in SpellForce 3 is amazing when you have heroes involved. I have played a lot of rts games such as starcraft, age of empires, and command & conquer. I would say this game has a unique feel to it that none of those games had. The closest game would be something like halo wars or age of empires 3 but the heroes weren’t the same. There is a lot going on all the time and it is a real challenge to keep up with everything. I feel like this game could become a great esport if they keep the heroes balanced and tone down some of the aoe abilities a small bit.

  • 7/10
    SpellForce 3 - 7/10


SpellForce 3 has a lot of interesting twists such as the customization of heroes and gaining workers with upgrades. I really enjoy how the multiplayer feels like it has a balance between the three races and the playable heroes. Some things in the game however aren’t all together yet and I can’t wait to give the game another try later this year on release.

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