Mountain: You are Mountain, You are God

Mountain is a very simple game that is pretty much just a screensaver. The game focuses on a planet that consists of a singular mountain with grass and trees floating through space. For the most part this game has no controls other then using your mouse to rotate around the world. If you have an extra monitor you can start your journey as the god of the mountain with no work required.

Mountain god

Getting Started

The only thing the game will prompt you to do after starting the game is to draw 3 pictures. These pictures will cover topics such as love, friendship, happiness, or any other topic. The game will then use those images to generate your mountain. I personally don’t think it matters what you draw because all of my mountains look alike regardless.

Mountain draw

The mountains thoughts will be written on top of the screen throughout its life which could say a number of different things. These will appear randomly and disappear before you see them sometimes.

Mountain inspire

Mountain positive

Life and Death

The trees on the mountain will go through a natural ageing process. They will lose and grow leaves throughout the seasons and die over time. They will also be covered in fire flies at night.

Mountain under

My first mountain had a shovel, baseball, hammer, needle, dart, paper plane, egg, real plane, shipping crate, ufo, chair, and a message in a bottle all crash into it after enough time passed. Your mountain will have new things crash into it all the time and you never know what might crash into it next.

Mountain item

When it comes down to it the game is just a mountain floating through space with a relaxing spiral around it. However all good things come to an end even if they seem like they are just a relaxing screensavers.

Mountain death

I personally don’t like that the game has an end but that is part of the game i guess. I’ve heard before there is a way to turn the game into a screensaver but I couldn’t find the article.

  • 7/10
    Mountain - 7/10


Mountain isn’t much of a game but it is a fun experience. I wouldn’t recommend paying the dollar for this game but if it’s in a bundle you can have some fun with it for a few days.

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