Wasted: Big Heads Even Bigger Hearts

Wasted is a post-apocalyptic adventure which could be compared to the fallout series. In this game you go down into fallout shelters which they call coolers to kill and loot. You are also in search of mutated booze which can either give you amazing buffs or terrible debuffs. One of my favorite parts of this game is the giant headed enemies. Head shots become much easier with large heads as I remember from using Goldeneye cheat codes.

Wasted Appearance

After you spawn in you will get to edit your characters, gender, hair, eyes, mouth, nose, and other features. Don’t get too used to your character though because if you die you will restart with a randomly generated character at your shack.


Wasted Cooler

The game is all about going into the coolers and proceeding to kill everyone and loot everything. While the cooler dwellers are easy to fight you need to watch out inside for the 500+ health robot guards.¬† They will go on alert from time to time and if you are still inside the vault you will die. The robots fight with giant machine guns and you don’t stand a chance trying to fight them early on in the game. I believe the robots are on a 2 minute timer so you need to be quick getting from level to level.


Wasted Ony

After you proceed through the dungeons you will unlock new locations to travel too. Your first town will be the Ony Express and you will meet some very interesting people around town.

Wasted Dick

This is dick and he has a another man named Kissinjerk who is sprouting out of him. You are given a quest by Kissinjerk to help him grow his hair back. Kissinjerk has been bald since the fallout and is worried about his appearance.

Wasted Buddy

You also meet this awesome dog named buddy who isn’t like the rest of the mutated animals you find in the wastes.

Overall Wasted has a lot of fun parts to it and it looks beautiful. One thing that will improve your experience greatly is disabling the SOB which is a robot that murders you after spending two minutes in any cooler level. Another thing that turned me off was the repetitive dungeons and enemies which could of been changed up.

  • 7.5/10
    Wasted - 7.5/10


Wasted is a post apocalyptic game that has great style and awesome characters. The biggest problem with the game is the need to speed through dungeons due to a death robot murdering you after 2 minutes. If you disable the robot the game becomes fun to play and would recommend it.

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