Westerado Double Barreled: Hold onto your Hats!

Westerado is an amazing adventure game that is based off of old school spaghetti westerns and you will see what i mean by that later.

Westerado Spawn

Westerado Mom

You spawn inside your mom’s attic and proceed downstairs to meet up with her. She gives you your first quest to help your brother herd all the buffalo into the fences.

Westerado Brother

Unfortunately one of the buffalo escape and you have to chase after it to bring it back home.


Westerado tragedy

On your way back home you see a fire and hurry home to see what happened.

Westerado death

Westerado hint

Your brother is still barely alive and lets you know that a bandit showed up and killed your mother and him. He then tells you that if he would of wore a hat he would of survived. This is in reference to your 3 lives which are shown as hats. If you get shot and killed in Westerado you fall to your knees put on another hat. You will then proceed to stand back up and process is how lives work. He also shows you the bandits badge and tells you a brief description of him.

Westerado map

You are given a map that shows you where you have been and which caves you have been into. The focus of the game is to find the bandit who killed your mother and brother using your map and a list of clues.

Westerado ghost

Trigger Happy

Westerado has important characters that are necessary for the story line. To progress you need to interact with them but you can still kill them if you want to. The first place you go after leaving your moms farm is to your uncles house. The first thing i did when I walked into his house was shoot him in his face and steal his hat. He died and came back immediately as a ghost and told me that he was worried about me and that I was acting funny.

Westerado shoot

I then proceeded to the next town and started killing everyone who moved. After about three minutes of shooting people a man showed up saying that I was killing all the secondary characters. He then proceeded to send a mob after me to kill me. After a valiant fight I was gunned down three times and got a game over screen.

Westerado dead

I would say this is a great game if you can look past the graphics and the looping soundtrack. I personally love the graphics and art style that was aimed for and think the music is great. If you have played any of Adult Swims flash games or previous releases you know what to expect.

I would recommend playing through the games story by the way. I also oppose the shooting livestock and secondary characters.

  • 8/10
    Westerado: Double Barreled - 8/10


Westerado is a great game for anyone who likes a good story with a lot of janky humor. I personally love when Adult Swim makes games like this and highly recommend it.

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