Volgarr the Viking: Fight, Die, and Repeat

Volgarr the Viking feels like your typical hack and slash side scroller with an updated feel too it. The game takes a lot from Castlevania and other arcade games like it. The first thing you will notice when starting out is that the controls are much different then your typical games. You won’t be using your wasd keys because that section of the keyboard is for attack keys such as spinning jumps, spear throws, and rolling attacks.

Don’t get discouraged

You will die a lot at first until you get used to the controls and even then you will die a lot more. Volgarr will start most levels with a shield which blocks all basic attacks. The thing is once you lose it you will be one shot by anything that attacks. The takeaway here is that this game is very difficult and mildly infuriating at first. My first recommendation to you would be to change jump from z to the space bar which feels a lot smoother.

Other then being to difficult for rookies and not having a difficulty setting the game is beautifully made. I personally enjoy games that are difficult such as Super Meat Boy and Dark Souls. Every once in a while I just want to relax and play through a game. This is not a game that you can relax and play through. You should turn on some metal music and grab a Mountain Dew if you want to make it through.

Overall this game is awesome for the hardcore gaming crowd who liked games such as Ghouls and Ghosts and Castlevania. I recommend picking this game up during a steam sale or if you can find it in a bundle. Best of luck brave Viking and don’t forget your shield, your gonna need it!

  • 7/10
    Volgarr the Viking - 7.0/10


Volgarr the Viking is a beautifully designed game with a lot of the same controls and aspects from old snes games like Castlevania. A few things that I’m not the biggest fan of are the constant spawning of more enemies, lack of enough checkpoints, and only one difficulty. If you like a good challenge this is your game and couldn’t recommend it enough. If you are more of a casual gamer I would stay away.

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