The Adventures of Tree: Defeat the Evil Florps!

The Adventures of Tree is an adventure game where you play as a tree who is ready for anything. The story of this game is amazing and talks of a evil race who have invaded and are actively trying to annihilate the tree race. The game has a side scrolling RPG format and has multiple bosses to fight throughout your journey. There is a lot of evil in this world and your job is to destroy it.

the adventures of tree florps

Create A Character

the adventures of tree custom

The customization for your character is very in depth for an indie game. Some Triple-A games don’t have this kind of customization and I appreciate that.

the adventures of tree upgrade

Once you leave the spawn you will have 3 points to spend off the bat. I would personally recommend attack damage and health until you get a little better geared.

the adventures of tree inventory

In this game you have 5 equip slots for a hat, weapon, wrist, glasses and backpack. Your inventory will be filled with food, gear, and quest items which are all important to survive. If you leave your keyboard without pausing the game you will die of starvation and lose all of your gear. I learned this the hard way and had to restart from a save I made a ways back.

the adventures of tree town


After spawning into the game your adventure will begin in the village to the right of your home. You will collect about 10 quests there and find the items for half of them around that area.

the adventures of tree quest

Your first quest will involve collecting 3 twigs to burn, even though your a tree.

This game used to be really bad with terrible fps drops and other performance issues. The graphics in the game are not incredible but I don’t think they ruin the game in anyway. One big thing I didn’t like as stated before was the hunger bar which could kill you in 15 seconds if you run out of food or forget to eat. I recommend the Adventures of Tree to anyone who wants a cheap role playing adventure game with a fun tone.

  • 6/10
    The Adventures of Tree - 6.0/10


This indie side scrolling RPG follows the adventures of Tree who helps defeat the evil Florps. My biggest problem with this game is that there’s a lot of walking around and not much action. Another problem I faced was all the backtracking your are forced to do. Although this game used to have major problems the biggest of those problems have been fixed. I would recommend trying to find this game in a bundle or on sale.

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