bit Dungeon 2: Hack, Slash and Grow Strong!

bit Dungeon 2 is a hack and slash adventure with a huge map and a Zelda feel. It contains semi-unique dungeons to complete which are followed by amazing bosses. The game has amazing music and great sound effects which really contribute to the games overall feel. After completion of all dungeons you will keep your level and gear but everything will reset and you can keep growing stronger.

bit Dungeon 2 start

The game begins outside of a cave by a campfire. From here you will enter a cave and choose between a dagger, axe, or staff. Each weapon gives you certain stats and a specialized ability. If you don’t like your choice you aren’t chained to your decision by any means.

bit Dungeon 2 kill

As you can see in the top right hand corner you are given a map. Without that map you would become hopelessly lost because it is a large world.


bit Dungeon 2 dungeon

This is the Snake Pit which is one of the dungeons that must be completed to progress in bit Dungeon.

bit Dungeon 2 key

While inside the dungeon you should be looking for a black key. You can find it by completing multiple smaller puzzles which give you white keys.

bit Dungeon 2 boss

Past the black door you will encounter a giant monster that you will have to fight. You should be careful though with running straight at them because some hit hard.

bit Dungeon 2 treasure

After defeating the boss you will find a treasure room on the way out. Also after you exit you will find another cave you can enter. Inside that cave you will be given a choice between +10 spirit, +10 constitution, +10 intellect, +10 strength, orĀ  +10 dexterity.

bit Dungeon 2 more dungeons

This is The Ancient Depths which is another dungeon that you will need to find and defeat. After all the dungeons are completed you can continue into the Dark World where the final boss awaits.

bit Dungeon 2 is a lot of fun to play when you are bored without internet connection or when you feel like chilling out. The only thing that this game is missing is a good difficulty ladder. Early in the game you can simply plow through every room of monsters by just spam clicking which feels underwhelming. Overall this game is amazing and I always leave it installed on my computer.

  • 9/10
    bit Dungeon 2 - 9.0/10


bit Dungeon 2 is a great adventure game with awesome music and visuals. There isn’t much story but the game makes up for it in action packed game play. This is a game that you will want to leave installed all the time for those nights you want to chill.

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