Air Brawl: Yaw, Pitch, Roll, And Fire

Air Brawl is a flight simulator where you can fight your friends in fast paced combat. You are given 6 different ships with 6 unique weapon choices and a special ability. I have played air brawl a few times since it switched to a free to play model and it has been a fun waste of time every now and then.

Air Brawl tutorial

The game comes with a great tutorial tower where you can practice flying through the tower and accurately shooting dummies. The game has all of the mechanics a military plane would have such as the ability to yaw left and right, accelerate and decelerate, and use afterburners.

Air Brawl first person

The cockpit view is my favorite way to play and has a hidden Easter egg. I feel like it puts you at a disadvantage though because you lose your 360 degree sight. The Fatbird which is the wooden plane looks amazing in cockpit view and It feels great shooting the Gatling gun.

Air Brawl plane select


As I was talking about earlier my favorite ship is the Fatbird due to its accuracy and great weapon choices. I love the special ability of the viking though so I fly different planes from time to time.

Air Brawl fly

If you’ve ever seen the Studio Ghibli movie Porco Rosso you will see the movie a lot in this level. However flying through Milan is a lot harder then Porco made it look like and beginners should keep it to the skies.

Air Brawl dogfight

It seems that every time you shoot someone out of the sky someone shoots you down almost immediately afterwards.

Air Brawl fire

Sadly there aren’t servers for EU or US online very often. You may find oneĀ  there is terrible lag spikes. Sometimes you can find a lobby with decent ping but it is very rare. The other big problem is that I have played a lot of flight simulators and none of them give me a headache as quickly as this game. On the other hand though no flight simulator is this fast paced and the flight simulators don’t use Gatling guns.

  • 7/10
    Air Brawl - 7.0/10


Air Brawl is an incredibly fast paced airplane fighting game. You can choose from 6 different ships with 3 different primary and secondary weapons. All load outs have advantages and you can use all kinds of crazy strategies. Sadly the game is deserted and any server that pops up has unplayable lag. This game has recently become free on steam so try it out!

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