The Adventures of Mr. Bobley: Roll, Jump, Fall

The Adventures of Mr. Bobley is a platforming adventure game in which the main character is a construction site worker. Mr.Bobley works and solves problems using physics. You are required to use heavy machinery to interact with your environment and continue to the next elevator. The game is made up of levels separated by elevators and each level adds something new that builds on old mechanics.Mr Bobley is in constant danger however and you need to be very careful if you want to move on to the next mission.

Mr. Bobley fall


The first thing you will realize is that this game isn’t going to baby you. There are no invisible barriers keeping you on the roof and the checkpoints are at the beginning of the mission on some levels. Once you are taught to do something you better remember it because there are no controls in the pause menu.

Mr. Bobley Jump

This game has some difficult obstacles to overcome but that’s just part of this games appeal. The game also has very smooth controls so it feels easy to run, jump and roll around the map worry free.

Mr. Bobley tunnel

Rolling is a big part of this game in multiple ways such as rolling off cliffs to absorb fall damage, rolling down construction tubing,  and traveling quickly.

Mr. Bobley elevator

Unlocking New Machinery

If you reach an elevator you have completed a construction zone and will have a new checkpoint on your map when you click pause. While driving in this game is very smooth it is still easy to drive down a wall to your death.

Mr. Bobley car

Mr. Bobley car fall


Mr. Bobley crane

The last mission I played was a crane mission where you moved an item with three separate cranes. I will shut a game off when I get bored and this mission was the end for me. I have never been a huge fan of platformers so take that into account. If you like games with smooth controls and puzzles then you should give The Adventures of Mr. Bobley a shot. However be aware that the game stops building on itself and becomes pretty dull after a while.

  • 6/10
    The Adventures of Mr. Bobley - 6.0/10


This game is beautiful and is a lot of fun for a while but it loses its spark after about 7 missions. I would recommend buying this game in a bundle or on sale but it isn’t something you will play more then once or twice.

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