5 Essential Vanilla Addons (Elysium)

Vanilla World of Warcraft 1.12.1 was amazing without addons and I would recommend trying to play without any. I personally can’t live without them and know a lot of people who can’t. There are a few Vanilla addons that are almost 100% necessary for any private server and I will start with them.

SpamThrottle – Download

This addon does exactly what it sounds like. Once you are in-game you can type /spamthrottle to open this menu.

Vanilla Addons Spamthrottle

In this menu you are able to filter keywords for sites like g4wow and okogames. This is awesome because you will get spammed to buy gold constantly on any populated server. This also is a useful addon because it will give you an option to mute a player for up to an hour without just ignoring them forever. This is a nice option for annoying battleground raid leaders and much more.

Atlas and Atlas Loot – Download/Download

This addon is a must for anyone new to vanilla Wow to help you find your way around. Some dungeons get a little bit tricky when you get up to higher levels. Not all dungeons are linear straight paths like the Dead Mines as you will learn. These addons will add icons to your mini-map that you can click on to open.

Vanilla Addons atlas

As you can see on the left side of the picture there are 15 quests for the Blackrock Depths you can grab before going in. Also you are able to see the list of bosses on the right side. If you have Atlas Loot installed as well you will be able to click them and see the drops from that boss.

Vanilla Addons atlasloot

Questie – Download

This is by far the number one addon for any player just starting out! This addon will add quest locations to your mini-map and the locations of where to turn them in.

Vanilla Addons questie

As you can see if you scroll over a quest it shows the name and description of the quest.

Vanilla Addons questie arrow

You can also add an arrow by clicking a tracked quest to show you which way to travel.

OneBag – Download

Ok, maybe this isn’t actually an essential but it will save you so much time and energy. Instead of looking through all 5 bags for an item just have one singular bag.

Vanilla Addons onebag

KLH Threat Meter – Download

This addon is nice to have when you are in a classic party with a healer and a tank. When you deal too much damage you can generate threat faster then your tank can build aggro. This addon will let you know when you should stop attacking and let your tank build aggro.


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