13 Vanilla Wow Addons To Improve Gameplay (Elysium)

First off If you haven’t read my first Vanilla Wow addons article I would highly recommend you check it out 5 Essential Vanilla Wow Addons (Elysium). These 13 addons may not be essential for all classes so read what they do before you clutter up your game with useless garbage.

AutoBuff – Download

Vanilla Wow Addons AutoBuff

This addon is great for a multitude of classes but especially for mages and paladins. If you tend to forget to cast arcane intellect or ice armor before you head into combat this addon is an amazing grab.

Aux – Download

Vanilla Wow Addons Aux

This is an auction house addon which will automatically go through all auctions running for a certain item and undercut them by a copper. This addon also finds you the cheapest price on the item you are looking for.

Bongos – Download

Vanilla Wow Addons Bongos

Bongos is the greatest bar addon out there. Using this addon you can move everything exactly where you want it. You can make it as big as you want it, and put it in any direction you want to put it in.

Decursive – Download

Vanilla Wow Addons Decursive

As a mage I am required to remove curses from my team members before they die of an explosion, poison, or any other effect. Keeping an eye on all four of them while casting, counter spelling, and aoeing can be a real problem. This addon will create a large popup that I only need to click to cast a decurse on a target.

E-Casting Bar – Download

Vanilla Wow Addons ecastingbar

To set up this addon you will want to type /ecastingbar into your chat. You will then want to Check both Enabled and Hide Outline. Your bar should look like mine does above. You can also change the color if you find it unappealing.

EzDismount – Download

I don’t really need a picture for this addon because it only does one thing. When you want to talk to an npc and you are on your mount it will say “Can’t do that while mounted”. Instead of getting this alert you will simply dismount and talk to them. This also works when trying to cast spells or logout.

Luna Unit Frames – Download

Vanilla Wow Addons luna unit frame

Luna is simply better looking Unit frames. I think they are by far superior to the base model.

Improved Error Frame – Download

This addon is used so if you have an error it doesn’t show up in the middle of your screen and disturb you. This addon will put the error in a list and stay out of the way.


Vanilla Wow Addons minigames

This is a pretty silly addon but I always use it when I am waiting for party members. You might wait 10 minutes for them to reach an instance entrance like at the Scarlett Monastery.

Postal – Download

Vanilla Wow Addons postal

This addon is useful when using Aux for your auctions. From time to time I have found that people will sell cloths and ores cheaper in stacks of 1 per unit then in stacks of 20 per unit. Due to this fact I find my mailbox has 40 different envelops from time to time. This addon allows me to take everything with one click instead of 80 clicks.

RingMenu – Download

Vanilla Wow Addons ringmenu

The ring menu is a useful tool for quick access to spells, macros, items, or anything else you want to use it for. I personally use mine to store the macros to my addons. To access this addon you will want to type /ringmenu in chat. To set a key to open the ring menu you will have to open your keybindings and scroll to the bottom. I have mine set on ~ but some of my friends use the middle mouse wheel and put spells on it.

Titan Panel – Download

Vanilla Wow Addons titan panel

Titan panel is an incredible useful addon. It will show you everything you need to know in one snapshot. As you can see it shows how much room I have in my bags, mail, reagents for spells, and much more. This panel comes with much more for other classes as well.

WIM (Instant Messenger) – Download

Vanilla Wow Addons WiM

Our last addon will be a instant messenger addon. This makes the game feel more personal and it helps when talking with a quick moving chat.

As I said earlier these were my 13 Vanilla Wow addons to improve your experience. I would definitely recommend you check it out 5 Essential Vanilla Wow Addons (Elysium) which includes 5 addons that are essential for a great experience.

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