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Greetings, Traveler!

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I created Phaseblade on April 25th 2017. I plan on using this blog primarily to discuss new mmo’s, game guides, reviews, and other topics.

Today is April 30th and this is just a filler post to test out some templates on Phaseblade, so here is what’s going on.

I am currently playing some battlegrounds in Vanilla World of Warcraft on a private server called Elysium. My plan is to write about the server in the future. There is also currently a Dreamhack Austin on Twitch where the peoples champion Reynad will be playing MrLEGO in the next match. The Twitch chatters are losing their minds over a Team Tempo Storm final between Reynad and Trump who was recently signed to the team. I was personally watching to root on Dog who is another huge streamer but he was defeated in the second round.

There is also a Melee tournament running in Austin. It is currently in the Grand Finals between Hungrybox and ChuDat who defeated Mang0. There are also Counter-Strike, Starcraft, Street Fighter, and other tournaments running but it’s hard to keep an eye on everything. Outside of Dreamhack there is an MSI LoL invitational going on. Personally after watching Cloud9 lose to TSM again last week I am taking a week off.

I will create a breakdown post if we get a Reynad vs Trump grand finals later today. I also plan on creating some guides and game reviews in the coming weeks if you want to stop back.

If you would like to learn more about me you can check out my About Me page. You may find that on the top or bottom bars of the site. I plan on doing remodeling of the site soon so wherever future me wants it. If you have any advice or comments for me don’t hesitate to comment.

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