Death of Nostalrius, Rise of Elysium!

World of Warcraft has been around since 2004 and has been constantly changing since it was created. The Elysium private server is a vanilla server that focuses on creating the greatest vanilla experience to date. They do this by being open with their player base almost all the way around the board. The Weekly Elysium Q&A sessions on Reddit is a great place to check out.

Death of Nostalrius

Nostalrius was a hell of a pvp server with 10k players on at any given time. This meant that leveling would be nearly impossible in most locations and grinding was your only option. I leveled a rogue named Crom to 60 without entering Stranglethorn, Thousand Needles, and most other PvP zones. At 60 I spent my time doing terrible things to Horde players and regret nothing. The Elysium server was released on February 28th 2015 but didn’t gain its large following until later. The Nostalrius server transferred its player database and code to the Elysium server after being shut down by Blizzard. Nostalrius was shut down by Blizzard on 4/06/2016 after a battle to keep it alive using an online petition which gathered close to 300,000 signatures .

Death of Nostalrius Final Hours
(Stormwind on the last day before Nostalrius was shut down)
Death of Nostalrius March
(The Trail of Tears that journeyed around the world until the server shut down)

Birth Of Elysium Private Server

The Elysium server merged player-bases with Nostalrius on a world now known as Anathema. However the Anathema world isn’t the high populated world. At the beginning of the 2017 a new world named Elysium was created. At release there were 10k+ online every day and a long line to get in around the clock. The world is still very crowded compared to a retail server sitting at 4,650 in /who and the realm status today.

King of Ironforge Elysium Private Server

The population also rises with every new update to the server. I am planning on playing much more when Alterac Valley is released in two months. Until then I plan on casually raiding on the weekends. If you want to give the server a try you can sign up here. I have a few guides that show how to set up the addons I use if you are interested in playing. Having the correct addons is a huge part of this game and will speed up your leveling and help you in dungeons. Check them out here! I hope to make more content covering Elysium and Nostalrius in the future so I hope to see you back.

  • 9/10
    World of Warcraft - Elysium Private Server - 9/10


Vanilla World of Warcraft was groundbreaking and led us into our current generation of MMOs. This game still holds up to current MMOs 13 years later.

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